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Ear Wax Removal Service

Ear Wax Removal Service

Do you have problems with excess ear wax, an ear wax build up or blockage?

Ear blockages can be painful, uncomfortable and even make it hard to hear. Typically, the main cause of ear blockages is the build up of ear wax. Ear wax is perfectly natural, but it is often uncomfortable and even painful when impacted. If this does happen, an over the counter product designed to help soften ear wax may help, however, for the times that the products don’t clear the problem, opt for our professional Ear Wax Removal Service.

Ear Wax Removal Service

Our Ear Wax Removal Service is now carried out using a method called Ear Microsuction which is regarded as being superior to ear syringing or irrigation. This service uses a clinically supported system by TympaHealth - our team have access to opinion from some of the countries finest audiologists.

This private service costs £45 and is carried out by one of our fully trained and experienced ear health care team.

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